> [!kanban]+ [[Obsidian TTRPG Tutorials]] > - [[Getting Started]] > - ![[Pasted image 20230527003751.jpg|hsmall+wsmall+center]] > - [[Plugin Tutorials]] > - ![[Pasted image 20230527184201.jpg|hsmall+wsmall+center]] > - [[Community Supported Games]] > - ![[Pasted image 20230527001506.jpg|hsmall+wsmall+center]] > - [[Obsidian TTRPG Tutorials/Templates/Templates\|Templates]] > - ![[Pasted image 20230530220438.jpg|hsmall+wsmall+center]] > - [[Community and Support]] > - ![[Pasted image 20230527005303.jpg|hsmall+wsmall+center]] > [!infobox]+ > # Recently Added > ![[Recent new files]] > # Recently Edited > ![[Recently edited]] # Welcome Welcome to the wonderful world of Obsidian.md for Tabletop RPGs and World Builders. If you are looking for a better way to manage all your TTRPG information and data, then you are in the right place. It can even be used as a digital tool to manage combat encounters and roll dice. On the surface, Obsidian.md is just a note taking tool. It's very easy to get started with. Under the surface, Obsidian.md is like a Swiss Army Knife. Plugins unlock countless possibilities and the customisation options are amazing. If you would like to see what it can do, give the video below a watch. ![](https://youtu.be/QddTk4guRyk) # Screenshots - See How It's Used! > [!tip]- The Perfect Campaign Manager > ![[Pasted image 20230706081336.png]] > [!tip]- Add Pinnable Maps > ![[Obsidian_Leaflet 1.gif]] > [!tip]- Custom Dungeon Master Screens > ![[Obsidian_1tQkCmL1Rr.gif]] > [!tip]- Embed Websites Like DndBeyond or Pathfinder Nexus! > ![[Obsidian_HCrA6sZ2Vr.gif]] > [!tip]- Add Encounters and Manage Combat > ![[Obsidian_6gzZiqCZGN.gif]] # What's the Cost? Where Do I Get It? > [!tip]+ What Does It Cost? > `Obsidian.md is free to use for personal use.` > There are a few things you can purchase: > 1. **[Obsidian Sync](https://obsidian.md/sync)** - A paid subscription service that allows you to sync your notes between devices. > 2. **[Obsidian Publish](https://obsidian.md/plugins)** - A paid subscription service that allows you to publish specified notes to a website. > 3. **[Catalyst License](https://obsidian.md/pricing)** - Basically a way to say thanks to the Devs. Gives you access to early access builds and some Discord privileges such as special channels and roles. > 4. **[Commercial](https://obsidian.md/pricing)** - Required if you are using Obsidian for work. > > Note: While these are official services, there are third party alternatives, many of which are free. > [!note]+ Read Aloud > If you want to know why I love this tool... [[Obsidian.md - Why do I use It]] ## Ready To Dive In? Check out [[Getting Started]]!